Albasas In The Cloud. What Can It All Do For You?

Poor management and a lack of financial information are 2 of the biggest threats to the well being of your business.

If you’re decision making is based on no numbers or numbers that are out of date then your business is in danger.

Entrepreneurs know that cash flow is king…you can be really profitable on paper but unless you get those invoices paid’ll get into serious trouble

Accurate and correct external and internal financial controls and accounts give you the tools to manage your cash flow bottlenecks as they will also allow you to ask some probing questions like:

Do you have too much money tied up in stock?

How much are you losing through wastage of resources?

Who precisely is habitually owing you money ?

And how long are they taking to pay? And;

Having the means to cut out on all the uneconomical factors of your business; where are the known areas of growth and or profitability?

Robert Mitchell, the Principal here at technology accountants Albasas says: “number crunching js essential to the lifeblood and so the health of any business. Late payers and bad debts will just eventually cripple your businesses cash-flow and so blunt your ambitions. Keeping a tight rein on that money overdue, and a robust credit control policy will ensure that lifeblood of any enterprise, the cash-flow, does just that, and keeps flowing.

We at Albasas know how important your book-keeping processes and systems that deliver such vital business statistics are.

Financial information delivered and driven by digital technology creates the necessary synergy with real time information which will make all our jobs as professionals much easier, cheaper and profitable; delivering to us the critical numbers we need to make decisions.

If you need a well thought out business plan Albasas can help there too.

One of the first jobs you should consider delegating is book keeping, otherwise you may have no control over costs and no spare time to do anything about it. A vital but time consuming activity we can run the book-keeping for you, help you understand the books, and find a cost effective solution, or a book-keeper to help.

We deal with many local businesses and have built up both a great contact data base of local suppliers and an envied reputation. So when you’re looking for local services, we can usually help here too by recommending or introducing you to someone who may assist..

At Albasas you can rest easy knowing that all your UK regulatory paperwork is complied with too. Things like preparing and filing annual accounts, tax returns, and all other deadlines your business has like PAYE & VAT and so forth. Services offered are reliably taking care of to ensure that you pay only the tax that is due- and not a penny more. By taking time to get to know you and your business, and with due diligence, ,Albasas will identify all your legitimate expenses, and defend your position with the tax man, should some predictable situation arise at some future date.

So if you want to take your book keeping, accounts, tax, business planning or entrepreneurial knowledge up a level or two.Just pick up the phone now and call, Robert Mitchell at Albasas. The technology Accountants. You’ll be glad you asked! Call 0141– 404- 6115 for an informal chat to discuss your needs. Now! Or contact us via the website at We’re waiting for that request, now!

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