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Alba Self Assessment Services, or Albasas as we are better known, provides accounting services, general tax advice,and introductions to other financial services on request. Generally this would be to both small and medium sized businesses and individuals, all with up to
£5.6 million turnover and below.

Albasas can offer most businesses, small, meduim sized, or just individual taxpayers a fully comprehensive service tailored to their needs.

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The principal contact is myself Robert Mitchell, of Albasas. I am a Scot, born and educated in Glasgow with reliability to match my undoubted experience. I am also the father of 3 young children. In itself quite an achievement! To date my C.V. shows that I have provided professional assistance, in a busy retailing environment with duties as varied as cashier, invoice clerk and Warehouse Manager. There then followed a 3 year period of academic success, and at the time some career advice about entry into the chartered accountancy profession on securing suitable employment. Here I did work based training leading to a formal accountancy qualification. Along the way, I have gained additional experience with many diverse and varied UK businesses. Such as in the City and West End of London, with many so called blue chip clients, entrepreneurs, journalists, musicians and actors. All as an Accounts or Audit Assistant reporting to a busy London Practice Tax Manager.

Since returning to Glasgow and the surrounding areas in 1991 I have used my experience to assist 3 Scottish chartered accountancy practices. This mainly on short term assignments and with the important Scottish small and meduim sized business culture. I then moved on around 1994 after being advised by a well regarded Scottish Chartered Accountant to set up on my own practice. This I have done with much success ever since as a competent and licensed practitioner, responsible for the regulated services which Albasas provides.

Bashfully, it would be just impossible and a tad tedious to list everything I have experience in. Although, I am, without sounding too pretentious I hope, an open-minded Graduate fromThe University of Life. Which, I have learned, is probably just as important as having the formal academic side of an education. You meet all sorts in accounting and tax advice. So you never stop learning and as the website demonstrates it is in nature a challenging profession.

I am also currently an accountancy careers advisor as part of my voluntary work with the Association of Accounting Technicians. I have been very instrumental, but low profile, in promoting this qualification in Scotland. Especially during the mid 1990's to around 2004.

Of course, we want to ensure our valued clients get the best possible technical and financial advantage. However, we are realists. Like HMR&C's we want you to pay no more tax than you have to, the so called - right tax .In return you get to keep or reinvest as much of the profit that you have fairly created from your business in return. Remember as a UK economy stakeholder you want to be rewarded for your enterprise and also the social investment you are making towards the local economy, on behalf of, well, the politicians who will usually take all the credit for it anyway. Sometimes the obvious is forgotten.

At Albasas, our client base is cosmopolitan and socially inclusive. Modern day Scotland in other words.We respect all members of the wealth creating community, as long as that wealth is created ethically, with respect for others, and with our society in general in mind. Whilst trying to keep business matters informal and friendly, we pride ourselves on maintaining high values of integrity, discretion and enforce professional privilege in connection with all our clients matters at all times. Trust and sincerity and due diligence with all our clients affairs are not just token gestures, but important matters here.So it is not surprising that we expect the same standards of behaviour from our clients in return.

You can approach us with confidence in all your business matters.

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